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This duo consists of the book "Creating a Successful Nonprofit by Knowing the Numbers" for Founders and Board of Directors, along with the companion workbook. "Creating a Successful Nonprofit - The Workbook".

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Creating a Successful Nonprofit by Knowing the Numbers” will help new and existing nonprofit founders and board members understand their fiduciary duties and provide them insight into the overseeing financial management, taxes, paying staff, donations, regulations, compliance, policies and procedures, and governance. It delves into the differences between for-profit and nonprofit businesses and assist you in navigating all of the nuances that nonprofit organizations face on a daily basis.

“Creating a Successful Nonprofit – The Workbook” is the companion workbook to the book “Creating a Successful Nonprofit by Knowing the Numbers” for Founders and Board of Directors. This workbook will assist the board of directors in creating the policies and procedures for the governance of organization and keep them in one place so that everyone in the organization will know where to find the information the leaders of the organization have developed.

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