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Creating a Successful Nonprofit - Financial Statement Templates (Monthly/Quarterly/Annual)

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Nonprofit Financial Statement Templates - These statements are setup for monthly, quarterly and annual reporting of financial statements.

The templates consists of Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Activities, Statement of Functional Expenses and Operating Budget.

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Statement of Financial Position

Similar to a for-profit corporation’s balance sheet, a Statement of Financial Position breaks down assets, liabilities, and net assets. It’s an overall snapshot of the health of your nonprofit.

Statement of Activities

A nonprofit’s primary purpose is to provide services or programs that meet specific needs. A Statement of Activities reports revenue and expenses with donor restrictions and without.

Statement of Functional Expenses

Reporting expenses by nature and function in a spreadsheet format helps track activities and accomplishments.

Operating Budget

The operating budget breaks down the annual projected revenue and expenses for the organization. It breaks down your revenue by different funding sources and your operating expenses by program and overhead costs

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